Aaron's Vision for Warwick


Public Works

On the City Council, Aaron will advocate for implementation of a Warwick 311 Program to streamline the reporting of public works issues and increase accountability. Aaron has heard from scores of neighbors whose public works requests have either gone unanswered or unresolved. By implementing Warwick 311, we can restore resident confidence that their city government is accountable to and working for them. Aaron will work doggedly each and every day to streamline the public works process for every resident of Warwick. 

Strategic Planning on Infrastructure:

On the City Council, Aaron will work cooperatively to develop a strategic and comprehensive plan for infrastructure renewal in Warwick. By clearly defining our long term and near-term goals, we can set about a comprehensive plan to bring true infrastructure renewal to Warwick. 

Increased Accountability

A lifetime lived in public service is a noble calling. Aaron was inspired to first become engaged in public service through the example of his father’s service as a R.I. State Trooper, and two of his grandfathers’ service as Warwick Firemen. Yet, a lifetime in public service should not mean a lifetime on the city council. Aaron is a proud supporter of Term Limits for city council members and the mayor. He has proposed that councilors be limited to ten years of service, and the mayor limited to eight years. 


Aaron is proud to be the only candidate to sign a Term Limits pledge, promising that if term limits are not enacted he will abide by the very same limits he is advocating for.

Ending Partisanship

 As a Servant Leader, Aaron recognizes that the job of city councilman is to work diligently each and every day to improve the quality of life for every neighbor, and not to promote a partisan agenda which only serves to degrade the unity of our community. To truly End Partisanship, we need a councilman who will set the example, treating every community member with dignity and respect, so that together we can move our City forward. 

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